Food Disposal Repair

Most people have issues at some time with their garbage disposer. Often they can become blocked with a non-food item. Our plumbing service technicians are experts at garbage disposal repairs.

The first step is to see if it can be freed without removal. With power removed, a special 5/16 hex wrench can be inserted at the base of most manufacturers disposals and turned repeatedly clockwise and counter clockwise to free up the blockage. If the blockage is not too bad, this is the simplest solution.

Failing the initial methods,  a new disposer may be needed.  Our technician will work under the sink to remove it. Once power is removed, the technician will use channel lock pliers to undo the locking twist flange to loosen the disposer. The flange comes in several parts – one inside the sink, and others below. Normally there is a 3 bolt mounting of a spring ring as part of the flange to reduce vibration going into the sink from the disposal motor. The new disposer tail pipe frequently does not match up the existing under-sink plumbing, and an additional sleeve must be inserted to match everything up. Similarly with the dishwasher line (most dishwashers drains run through the garbage disposer).

There is some electrical work needed for a garbage disposer, which our technicians have you covered for. The on/off switch at the sink, the power under the sink, and the GFI breaker on the garbage disposer must all be working. And direct connections must be broken and re-connected as a new system is installed. All in a days work for your team at