Kitchen Remodel Plumbing

Posted on: December 31st, 2012 by Paul

When it comes to a kitchen remodel plumbing, it is best to ask the advice of your local plumber in the early planning stage, as the location of the appliances is important to your new kitchen design. It can be very expensive to call a plumber to re-route pipes when the new kitchen units are already in place.

Kitchen PlumbingThe first stage to your kitchen remodel is to carefully measure your room and draw a scale plan of it on graph paper or a enterer the measurements into a computer design program. Next list your appliances, especially the ones that need plumbing in for water supply pipes and waste pipes.

On your plan, show the precise location of windows, doors, and fixed items such as radiators, a/c vents, gas supply points, water supply pipes, drain pipes and existing electric points.

It is important to remember that standalone appliances such as refrigerators are fixed sizes, so try to position them first. For other appliances, make sure their height fits under the new kitchen worktop. Try to keep appliances away from corners as fridge and freezer doors cannot open wide enough to take out trays and shelves.
It is important not to place appliances, especially dishwashers immediately in front of water pipes, as this will push them out into the room. If you need to do this you will need a deeper worktop. Also most appliances and faucets have inlet valves which can be turned off in case of problems, and you may need access to those.

When it comes to the sink, do not place it immediately behind the range, because many accidents happen when people swing round with hot pans from the range. Make sure there are good sized surfaces next to the range. Try to store dishes and pans near the sink and dishwasher, so when the washing up is complete, these items can easily be stored away. Do not position a range too close to the or faucet, as electricity and water do not mix, and it could cause a safety hazard.

When it comes to choosing a sink, there are many styles and varieties to choose from, be careful when selecting it as the drainer can be placed to the left or right – check your existing plumbing. Make sure there is enough room for a waste disposal as some models if disposers have a wide base, especially the higher power models.

So when it comes to planning your new kitchen, make sure you consult your friendly plumber at , as a few minutes spent in the planning stage can save much time and expense later.

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