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Posted on: May 27th, 2013 by Paul

My son has shown some interest in following his father’s footsteps into the plumbing trade. When I go out to work each day, he has often wondered just what plumbers do all day long, but there are so many different parts to our trade that it is not always easy to explain.

For example, here is a list of recent jobs that licensed plumbers are typically asked to do:

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Plumber Jobs

-We have a problem with the toilet – the toilet base is leaking water, but can’t see where the water is coming from.

-We had a plumber in, but they didn’t install our steel sink properly under the granite countertop and water is leaking under the kitchen counter

-Need a plumber to help with two faucets out by our pool which are not working. One faucet connects to a hose, and the other is the fill for the swimming pool. Both faucets are not jammed and can turn, but no water comes out of either

-We have roots penetrating our drain line near where the sewer connection is made near the street. We have cleaned it out ourselves quite a few times but the roots always grow back. It backs up only a few months later. Need a permanent fix. The broken area where the roots come in is about 4 feet below the ground

-We are buying an apartment building, but it has been empty for a while. Vandals have been in and done a lot of damage. Many of the plumbing fixtures have been damaged and even ripped out we need the property repaired to be able to rent out the units.

-We have several toilet problems. The connection at the bottom of the toilet tank is leaking water onto the bathroom floor. Also the toilet is taking too long to refill and the flush handle sticks down when flushed – the handle needs to lifted up by hand each time it is used.

-We need to replace the front toilet handle which flushes the toilet. It has snapped off completely and we can’t use the toilet.

-We need a gasket or O-Ring replaced on our kitchen faucet. We have purchased a replacement part, but can’t figure out how to fit the faucet part.

-We need to replace a leaking toilet because it has a crack in the reservoir tank. Want the cheapest toilet bowl as it is a rental apartment.

-We want to replace our current tub and shower combination with a walk in shower, and also perhaps replace the bathroom sink.

These are just a few examples, but hopefully this list of plumbing service repairs will help fill in the blanks for my son about what we actually do when I go out to work each day.

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