Washing Machine Line Replacement

Most washing machines are permanently connected to the hot and cold water supply of your home with two hoses. These lines are permanently under pressure, and over time may split unexpectedly causing a jet of water running continuously. A rapid flood is the result, and an emergency situation.

Our service techs can inspect your washing machine lines and replace as required. In fact a routine replacement every few years is the best way to avoid a flood. These lines are not an expensive item and can be replaced in a few minutes, assuming no complications. The supply is turned off, pressure released, the line replaced, and the supply turned back on.

Similarly with a refrigerator, if it has an automatic ice maker, then a water supply line is used to supply the water for the ice maker. Again the supply is permanent, and susceptible to failure. We can install replacement refrigerator lines as needed or for preventative maintenance. Either a metal line or plastic lines can be supplied. For all our services see your plumbing experts.