Sewer Line Cleaning And Repairs

Sewer Line Unclog And Repair

If your bathroom tub or toilet are not draining and are overflowing back into the bathroom, then most likely you have a blocked drain or sewage line. We offer a solutions to clear your drains, and also repair or replace water and sewer lines that are damaged.

Typical sewer problems that we solve include:

Long-term heavy grease buildup can gradually reduce the area of a drain pipe causing a restriction or slow drainage, and in a bad case cause a complete blockage. Often where there are young children in the home, a toy or other object could be dropped down a toilet and move beyobd the u-bend into the sewer pipe causing a blockage there.

Tree Roots Blocking Line

Drain Clogged By Roots

Drain Clogged By Roots

A common reason for a blockage is the infiltration of tree or shrub roots. These can penetrate a sewer line and grow inside the line preventing normal flushing. It may be that at some time the PVC sewer line had been damaged by digging or movement, which allowe the roots to enter the line. Also a pipe joint may have had a point of weakness allowing the roots to enter the line at that point.

Once a tree or shrub root is inside the line, it may grow along the line and cause a blockage in an area which is not adjacent to a tree, which can be misleading. As a house exit sewer lines join the main line at different points, something like a tree root blockage can cause one bathroom to clog up, but the other bathroom operate normally. Roots that clogged a drain

Leaking Sewer Joint
It is possible for the sewer pipe joints to crack, and break the seals between the lines. This may allow non-potable water to escape into the area surrounding the pipes.

Broken Pipe
A pipe may be damaged, cracked, or even collapsed due to a number of external reasons uch as trees, soil movement, settlement, flood or freeze damage. We can dig out and replace the damaged section of a broken pipe.

So whatever your sewer drainage problem may be, call your emergency Plano plumber for rapid and effective service.