Sink and Tub Repair or Replace

Basket Strainer – An old basket strainer can cause a drip or leak from a worn seal. It is normally best to replace the basket strainer with a new replacement. Working under the sink our plumbing professional will disconnect the strainer from the waste pipe and then undo the locking nut at the base of the sink. Moving the waste pipe and removing the basket is then the next step, allowing and waste water to be caught in a bucket below the sink. Before installing a new unit, it is important to ensure the surfaces are clean and smooth to help prevent any future leaks. The new basket joint is covered with a generous spread of plumbers putty and the new connectors screwed tight, and tested for leaks to make sure the sink repair was a good one.

Slow draining sink – sometimes a sink may be filling up with water and not draining out fast enough – it may be a problem with the P-trap. A lot of hair or debris can be built up and trapped there. Our plumbing technician will use a set of channel lock pliers to free the collars. Once unscrewed the water trap can be removed and cleaned out before replacing. On a bathroom sink the sink pop-up can be a place that gets clogged up with hairs, and again can be cleaned out and replaced by our plumbing tech.

To replace a sink, we first determine if it is under-mount or drop in. Once we have a replacement, the job can start by removing the old sink. First our technicians will turn off the water and disconnect the water supply lines from the faucet. If it is a kitchen sink, the garbage disposal will be unplugged and detached. Next the metal clips or fasteners that connect the sink to the countertop will be removed, and any old sealant freed up carefully to avoid damaging the counter top. Then working from underneath, the technician will gently push up to remove the sink. The whole area is then thoroughly cleaned to ensure a water tight seal. Then the new sink can be installed. Your technician will apply plumbers putty to the drain to water proof the drain. Then he will apply a thin coat of sealant on the edges of the underside of the sink, and insert the sink into the countertop. The sink fasteners will be tightened and any excess sealant removed. Finally your Plumbing Plano Pros expert will attach the waterlines and the garbage disposal along with any new drain pipes.