Tankless Water Heaters

Lots of people are considering having their plumber install a new tankless water heating system to assist in saving energy over the long term. These are also known as on-demand water heaters. Consumers have discovered that a tankless heater consumes about half the amount of energy as a regular hot water system.

Tankless (on-demand) water heaters work by being installed near your bathroom tub or kitchen area, and simply heating up precisely the amount of water you need– no hot water is lost or wasted, and in addition any heat loss due to conduction along the pipes in your home is saved. When you switch on the hot faucet, an effective heating system warms up the water as it passes from the on-demand device into the outlet pipe.

tankless heater installThe majority of homes around Plano Tx have been built with a big water storage tank for hot water. The water in the container is warmed by gas or electric heaters and then stays hot till required. A thermostat keeps the water hot by switching on the heaters when the storage tank cools.

Despite the fact that the hot water tanks have a heat-retaining jacket and are well insulated, heat is still lost by going through the insulated tank jacket and carried out away by connecting pipes, so a great deal of electricity is lost just in regularly heating up the water in the storage tank which is a continuous cost whenever the tank is switched on (which is all the time in most homes). In fact we generally invest over 25% of our energy bill on hot water heating alone.

When it is time to purchase and set up a tankless water heater, you need to think about that this sort of heating system is more expensive than a traditional storage water heater, but on the other hand it will generally much longer. Tankless water heating units have a life expectancy of around 20 years, which is usually twice as long as a regular tank.

An additional benefit of a tankless heater is that of its size. Most normal hot water tanks take up a large area of about 4 feet across. A tankless (on-demand) heating unit is generally about 2 feet square and are generally mounted out of the way on a wall, saving a big area.
So if you are looking to minimize your lifetime energy expenses, you may want to think about replacing your old water heater and installing a tankless one.


Tankless Water Heater Installation Video