Toilet Repair or Replacement

When it comes to a toilet repair there are many different services we are asked to do:

Unblocking a blocked toilet – this is obviously an urgent problem that needs fixing immediately. Most often the blockage is in the u-bend or waste pipe behind the toilet. Small children dropping toys into the toilet is more common than you might imagine, and not always easy to extract. But in most cases the blockage can be cleared using some of our professional drain cleaning equipment.

Toilet RepairToilet fill valve – A toilet fill valve controls the amount of water coming into the tank of the toilet. After a long period of service the valve may malfunction by not shutting off correctly, and may run continuously. We recommend a toilet fill valve is replaced about every five years as part of regular preventative toilet maintenance.

Toilet flapper valve – Often a toilet tank may keep draining water into the bowl, which both wastes water and also causes the toilet to keep refilling. Frequently a worn or perished flapper valve is the reason. When a flapper valve is badly worn and no longer makes a watertight seal it begins to allow water to drain into the bowl slowly causing the toilet to re-fill. This is another item that we recommend replacing at the time of a toilet repair, for preventative reasons.

Toilet flush valve – A toilet’s flush valve is often the place where we look for the source of a leaking toilet. The flush valve assembly consists of an overflow tube, seat, flapper valve, and gasket. To replace the flush valve the entire tank is removed from the bowl of the toilet, exposing the gasket and the nut holding the valve in place. Whenever the flush valve is replaced, we also replace the gasket and tank mounting bolts as a routine service.

Toilet ballcock – A high water level in toilet tank indicates a possible problem with a ballcock. Some older toilets have a plastic float attached to an arm which activated the water switch, more moder units use an integrated float surrounding the input valve.

Toilet Flange Repair -

Sometimes a toilet might leak from the base, or wobble when sat on. This is frequently a problem with the toilet anchor flange. This flange connects the mounting bolts to the floor using the bolt heads, and is likewise the junction or seal for the large wax ring between the toilet and flooring drain. If your toilet moves when sat on, or water is seeping out from the base of the toilet, most likely the cause will be a toilet anchor flange that needs repair work. Anchor flange kits specially made for repairs are normally used by your plumber initially to prevent more extensive work. it is an excellent idea to change the wax ring during the job, because the toilet itself needs to be taken out to get access to the flange repair.

Your plumbing technician will first eliminate the hold-down bolts from the flange. The bolts will be slid to the largest part of the slot and the bolts pulled away if the flange is not broken near the bolts. The flange can be checked around the area of a crack or split damage. A lot of typically the damage is around the bolts which attach the toilet to the floor, as that is the point of most stress. After repairing the flange or replacing, your plumbing professional will place a brand-new wax ring into the shoe of the toilet, pushing the ring in as much as possible. Brand-new hold down bolts are set up into the flange slots, and then the toilet storage tank can be re-installed.

Just some of the services that your Plano Plumber can offer