Water heater repair and replacement

water heater repairWhen your electric water heater needs a major repair or replacement, some trouble shooting is needed first. A common problem is that the heater may throw a breaker due to an electrical short. If the circuit breaker trips immediately, you may have a problem with the heater element, which your plumbing professional can help repair.

Water Heater Tank Clean Out
Tanks often will accumulate dirt and sediment and build up over time, and can be drained and flushed out to clean out the tank. Sometimes the inlet valve needs to be opened a couple of times to flush out the sediment. To replace a hot water heater, the first step for your plumbing service is to switch off the electricity supply to the tank from the circuit breaker – both for safety reasons and to allow the water inside to cool down. After tripping the breakers to shut off power, it is a good idea to check the power at the water heater in case the breakers are incorrectly marked.

Following this, the tank is drained using a garden hose which can run down to a drain in the street. Nearly all tanks have a standard hose attachment which can be screwed on. Your Plano plumber will ensure the water is not dangerously hot, then turn off the supply line, and open up the top vent which will allow air to enter the tank as it drains. Once empty, the water heater tank can be disconnected and replaced with a new unit.

New Water Heater

Heating Element Replacement
For a repair, the heating elements wires can be disconnected, and the heating element(s) replaced and re-connected. Often the heating element will be the first component to fail, and is relatively easy to repair with the tank in-place. Finally the tank is refilled, and any air pocket at the top bled out using the pressure relief valve, Then external covers can be replaced, and finally the electricity can be turned back on. It is important that the tank is full of water before switching on the electricity as a dry element may burn out immediately, and your plumbing services expert will double check this first.